About FSA

Hi, I’m Luce, I was born in Sicily in 1994 and I’m the creator of Fake Swedish Accent. My biggest passions are traveling, learning foreign languages and photography.

I’ve always been passionate about foreign languages and I’ve always daydreamed of another life outside my small town in the mountains. I was lucky to have the chance to travel a lot even during my childhood and adolescence. I wanted to make my life a constant journey towards different places, different cultures, different people. But I wanted to explore the world more and more, I wanted to travel to places that are completely different than the places where I grew up. I started reading more and more, discovering the world through books and every summer I tried to travel to new places.

After high school, I moved to Rome where I graduated in modern languages and literature, focusing on German and Swedish.

Being Swedish my biggest passion, Sweden is the country I constantly dream about, but the world is so beautiful that my plan is to go basically everywhere!

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