Scandinavian TV-Shows to binge-watch


I honestly think that watching tv-shows helps you in the process of learning a new language. That is why I came up with this idea of a list of Scandinavian tv-shows, sorted out by country and genre, in order to finally hear the actors speak the language you always wanted to learn. But hold on, I’m going to update this article very often and add tv-shows from Finland, Iceland and possibly even Fær Øer. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Scandinavian tv-shows

From Sweden with love and kanelbullars

  • Kalifat (Caliphate, 2020): available on Netflix, it is a thriller-drama made up of 8 episodes, it builds up to a terrorist attack in Sweden.
  • Störst av allt (Quicksand, 2019): available on Netflix, it is a crime drama based on the novel Störst av allt by Malin Persson Giolito. 1 seasons, 6 episodes, you will binge watch it and won’t regret it. The story is about Maja, a young girl arrested right after a school shooting in Djursholm, on of the richest neighborhoods in Stockholm.
  • Bron/Broen (The Bridge, 2011–2018): set between Malmö and Copenhagen, you will listen the characters speaking Swedish or Danish. Good luck playing ping-pong with languages!
  • Jordskott (2015–): and last but not least, Jordskott (literally earthquake). So ironic that I’m writing this blogpost right after a earthquake here in Rome. You can watch Jordskott on SVT.
Comedy and Drama:
  • Bonusfamiljen (Bonus Family, 2017–): a drama set in Stockholm. As the title suggests, it is about Lisa and Patrick, who recently divorced from their ex-spouses and therefore end up with a bonus-family. You can find it on SVT with Swedish subtitles, so if you want to test your Swedish, that’s the right tv-show for you.
  • Welcome to Sweden (2014): In this comedy, you can see an American guy moving to Sweden. That’s why you can follow the show in English and (very basic) Swedish. I think it is a nice way to get to know Swedish culture from a stereotypical and fun point of view. You can easily find it on YouTube.
  • Äkta människor (Real Humans, 2012–2014): this science fiction show is impossible to find and watch legally. I tried everywhere, but with no luck. But I believe in you, I bet you can find it *wink wink*.

From Denmark with love and hygge:

  • The Rain (2019): an amazing post-apocalyptic show produced by Netflix. The third and final season is coming very soon, it will be released in May 2020. It is about a strange virus inside the rain that wipes out 99% of humans, survivors are few. Kind of ironic to write this in the middle of a pandemic… but anyway, although it is set mainly around Copenhagen and the actors speak mainly Danish, you will hear Swedish too.
  • Rita (2017): this Netflix comedy-drama is what you need if you want to avoid all the blood spilled in the other series I’ve mentioned so far. The fifth season should air in 2020, no date was confirmed yet. The show is so popular that it was even remade in the US, the Netherlands and France.

From Norway with love and pølse:

  • Ragnarok (2020): although I didn’t like the modern representation of Scandinavian folklore and paganism, I think you will like Ragnarok for the beautiful sceneries of Vestlandet. It aired on Netflix a few months ago and I think it is useful if you want to learn Norwegian (even though they don’t speak in western dialect, despite being set in the West) and watch something that doesn’t last many seasons, although it was recently renewed for a second season. I must warn you, it seems that Norwegians hated it so much that they compared it to a “Danish series” (“Norskspråklig Netflix-drama som egentlig er dansk. Og en kalkun.”). Oh, the rivalry.
  • Skam (2015-2017): probably the most famous Norwegian TV-show of all times and the most popular among teenagers. I still love it even though I’m not a teenager anymore (what a pain to write this sentence…). If you loved Skins, then you can’t miss Skam. I would define it the smartphone version of Skins, at this point. It was so successful that there are something like seven international remakes.
Scandinavian tv-shows

I guess you have a few Scandinavian tv-shows to binge watch during quarantine now. Which one would you like to see first?

If you’re looking for some inspiring books, then you might want to check this out. Do you want to know more about the history of Scandinavian languages? Then this is the article for you.

If you liked this blogpost, make sure to share it with your friends and binge watch these Scandinavian tv-shows with them. You can watch them on Netflix Party too, which allows you to stream any tv-show or movie simultaneously. Hejdå!

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