The Collector’s Victory Hotel Review


“In 1974, our mother Majlis had had enough of slaving by the stove and of wiping snotty children’s noses. She threw the dishcloth on the floor and said: enough is enough! Shortly thereafter, a modest hotel on nearby Västerlånggatan came up for sale and Majlis seized the opportunity. Our father Gunnar, who was a keen collector of antiques, mainly of the maritime kind, realized that this was the perfect chance to display his rare artifacts”.

This explains how the Collector’s Hotel Lord Nelson was born. After 6 years, Lady Hamilton was born. And finally, in 1987, the Victory Hotel.
The story behind this chain is so interesting and every single thing in here confirms the huge passion of everyone working here. Their rooms look like art exhibitions and are truly beautiful.

I stayed in Captain Lundqvist room, which had a double bed and two large windows, as well as a private bathroom. Everything here looks perfect, every piece of furniture is carefully chosen and taken care of.

Their continental breakfast is classy and delicious, with a touch of Swedish typical food such as salmon.

Located right in the heart of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, Victory Hotel is what will make your stay incredibly wonderful.

For more information and reservation visit the official website



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