Arthur Hotel Helsinki Review

Staying at Hotel Arthur was literally incredible! I was in Helsinki to follow the famous Design Week, so staying at Arthur means to choose a place with an eye for design. It’s located in the heart of Helsinki, right behind the main railway station, so you can basically go anywhere from the hotel.




PROS: I stayed in the Ateljee room, which –hear ye, hear ye – has its own sauna. So I had the chance to experience my very first Finnish sauna right here. I had a sauna every night after trying it for the first time. It’s an incredible experience that I have finally crossed out from my bucket list. I was actually scared to try the sauna all by myself, but the reception staff explained carefully all the procedures and made me feel better about the idea. Now I’m trying to save as much money as I can to build my own sauna at home in Rome, so that’s how much I loved the sauna. Other pros: the bed is comfortable, everything is super clean and the room temperature was absolutely perfect. Everything is new and functional. There were two separate showers leading to the sauna, so if you’re going there with your partner, you won’t need to fight for the shower! The room was provided with coffee and tea, which I also loved.
One of my favorite things here was the restaurant. Breakfast is rich and has also typical Finnish food. I should have asked for the Karjalanpiirakka recipe before leaving, maybe I’ll do it next time.


CONS: I’m sorry, but I’ll need to leave this blank. There was nothing wrong with all the amazing work behind Arthur Hotel.

FACILITIES: You got everything you might need in the Ateljee Room: clean sheets, soft towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, hairdryer, flat tv-screen, kettle, and many others. Wi-fi works amazingly like anywhere in the country and having my own sauna was definitely a huge plus.


BREAKFAST: milk, 1897 different types of butter, muesli, cereals, fresh fruit, eggs, cold cuts, 8328 types of bread, Karelian pasty, meatballs, vegetables, coffee, fresh juices and oh my god, if only I had 3 more stomachs.


BOOKINGS: the easiest way to book your stay at Arthur Hotel is through their official website. Click here for reservations and here to take a look at all the rooms and suites. There is also a restaurant which has also fixed-price menus and accepts reservations even for non-guests.

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