What to do in Stockholm on a rainy day

I needed to write this article because Stockholm tends to be quite a rainy city. The average number of rainy days per year is 100. Basically, 1/3 of the year. So what can you do if you happen to visit Stockholm for a few days and it rains cats and dogs? Here’s a list of some indoor activities that will let you enjoy Sweden’s largest city in spite of the shitty weather.


This museum dates back to the XIX century and revolves around the history of Sweden from the 16th century to the contemporary period. Founded by Arthur Hazelius, it visibly recalls the Danish Renaissance, in particular, the castle in Roskilde. The entrance is free if you already have the Stockholm pass, which includes transportations and many other museums. So I guess that having the Stockholm Card is the best option if you’re planning to visit several museums in the capital.
Useful information:
Price (without the SC): 120 SEK (Adults), free below age 18.
English guided tours available from June to August, 11:00-14:00.
Official website


The Vasa Museum is right in Djurgården. Here you will see and walk around an amazing ship from the 17th century, which sunk on its first trip. Just like a small Titanic, but with fewer casualties because the crew kinda expected the ship to sink (smh). The Vasa laid underwater for more than 300 years before being brought to light again. Incredible, isn’t it?
Entrance is free below 18 y.o. and with the Stockholm pass.
Adults: 130 SEK;
Students: 110 SEK.
Guided tours available in English too.
Official Website

Foto 13-03-14, 13 19 12 (1).jpg

If you love photography or you want to visit something different from the “classical” museums, then you can’t miss the Swedish Museum of Photography, also known as “Fotografiska”. Even though it’s called “Museum”, it’s far from being one. So, what are you waiting for?
Again, entrance is free with the pass and for children under the age of 12, otherwise, it amounts to 130 SEK for adults and 105 SEK for students.
Please note that you can’t pay cash here!
Official Website


It’s raining or even snowing, it’s dark and cold. You don’t want to stay in your hotel room or your dormitory is packed with snoring people. You already visited the major attractions. Then… what about some GOOD music at Konserthuset? Founded in 1902 and operating since 1926, the concert hall offers a wide choice of music, especially jazz, orchestral and chamber. You can take a look at their program here.

Foto 11-03-14, 22 17 15 (1).jpg

Unfortunately, their website is in Swedish (though they speak English too), but if you book a massage, you won’t regret it! Why not relaxing after walking so much in Gamla Stan? The beauty center is located in Kungsholmen and (in my opinion) is not like one of the cheapest activities ever, but it’s absolutely worth it!
Official Website


Located in Gamla Stan, this bistro is perfect if you want to have breakfast, lunch or… fika! Fika in Swedish means to have a break drinking something warm and eating something sweet and Under Kastanjen is the perfect place for a fikapaus in the heart of Gamla Stan.
Mon-Fri: 08:00-23:00
Sat: 09:00-23:00
Sun: 09:00-21:00
Official Website 

So basically that’s a short list of things that I wanted to suggest you instead of lying on the couch wondering why everything must be dark in winter (it’s not that bad, actually). Let me know if you visited one or more of the places listed here and if there is something else that I must not miss next time in Stockholm!

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