A Weekend in Copenhagen




And here’s the first article about one of the cutest cities in Scandinavia: Copenhagen or København in Danish. Tickets with Ryanair are extremely cheap, so that’s the best way to travel to this lovely capital. It’s even cheaper to get there with the train (of course it depends on where you are from, I left from Stockholm) and I found a very good deal. Stockholm-Copenhagen with a fast train departing at 5 am for 199kr (20€). Can you believe it? If you’re traveling from Sweden,  you can purchase the tickets here.

After arriving in Copenhagen in the morning, I followed a sheep to find a hostel (if you’ll be in Copenhagen you will know what I mean) and I spent two nights at Sleep in Heaven, located in Nørrebro. This hostel was amazing, you can stay there for less than 25€, the dormitories are clean and the staff is so helpful and welcoming! Plus there is a lounge/common area with huge pillows that really suggest you the idea to be sleeping in heaven.





The first thing that might come into your mind is The Little Mermaid statue at the Langelinie. Den lille Havfrue was inspired by the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s not like the biggest statue you will see since it’s just 1,25 meters tall and you need to walk a little bit to get there, but it’s absolutely worth it! The statue was a donation by Carl Jacobsen, who commissioned the sculptor Edvard Eriksen. Eriksen asked his wife to pose for the statue and finally completed it in 1913. By the way, Carl Jacobsen can be considered a national hero since he’s the brewer of Carlsberg beer.

Foto 23-06-17, 19 14 08.jpg


Amalienborg is a group of four palaces where the Danish royal family currently lives since 1794. Every day at 12 o’clock you can watch the Changing the Guard ceremony and if there’s a band playing along it means that Her Majesty is currently at home.

Foto 23-06-17, 19 20 41.jpg


Christiania is a place on its own. It’s a self-governed free town founded in 1971 basically by a hippy community, famous for an unregulated use of light drugs, but heavy drugs are severely forbidden. There’s no police nor cars, and visitors are allowed only if they don’t take pictures or harm people and things within the free town. So, unfortunately, I don’t have anything to show you, so it means that you will need to go there personally. It’s colorful, there’s music everywhere and people seem to be very happy there!

Foto 23-06-17, 14 56 10Foto 23-06-17, 19 40 28


Smørrebrød! You MUST try this amazing “sandwich” (it’s not really a sandwich, but it’s the quickest way to define it). It’s not very expensive for Danish standards, but 80 kr for a delicious smørrebrød is well worth it! My absolute favorite restaurant in Copenhagen is Kronborg, located in Brolæggertræde 12, in the city center. It was so delicious that I actually couldn’t take pictures because I was so busy eating. But you can take a look at this Smørrebrød that I ate elsewhere.

Foto 25-06-17, 11 16 10.jpg


Since Denmark is very rainy, the essential item that you will need to bring with you is a windbreaker. And forget umbrellas, it’s windy too! But if you’re lucky, the weather can be a nice, warm surprise. But always bring something to cover you up in case it gets worse!





  • Take a boat tour, it’s an amazing opportunity to visit the city from a different point of view.




  • Some hostels (like Sleep in Heaven) or companies offer free guided tours of the city
  • If you want a breathtaking view of Copenhagen, go to the Tower in Christiansborg palace, it’s free.




  • Some museums are free on certain days of the week, for instance, the Glyptoteket is free on Tuesday

I’m 100% sure you will love this city!

Jeg har aldrig studeret dansk, men det er nemmere at skrive, når du allerede taler et andet skandinavisk sprog. Men det er svært at forstå. Danmark er nok det lykkeligste land i verden på grund af den danske livsstil. Hvad ville du forvente i en sådan ren og sikker by?

Foto 23-06-17, 19 20 04Foto 23-06-17, 19 20 21Foto 23-06-17, 19 21 37Foto 23-06-17, 19 23 52

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